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What's Inside Issue #13?


*There were hardly any doubts about our choice of front cover and inside story for ACM #13, since 18-year-old Texan GM Jeffery Xiong recently achieved his long-awaited milestone of breaking through the 2700 Elo barrier, thus becoming the youngest-ever American player to accomplish this feat. Exclusively for ACM, Jeffery provides plenty of insights into his most successful chess summer to date and also talks about his career and day-to-day life.*

The previous ACM, dedicated to the legendary Bobby Fischer, was greatly appreciated by our readers. Furthermore it triggered a response from Eli Attie – whose father it was who created the iconic image of Fischer that appeared on the cover of that issue! And thereby hangs a tale, a previously untold story… So we invite all you Fischer fans to grab a cup of coffee, lean back in your armchair and enjoy these memories of Fischer’s remarkable meeting with ace photographer David Attie in New York 1971.

With our avowed intent to include new authors in each issue, this time we introduce French GM Romain Edouard, who has produced an overview of the strongest annual tournament on U.S. soil – the Sinquefield Cup in St Louis. This year’s event will always be remembered for the spectacular performance of Chinese No.1 Ding Liren, who outplayed World Champion Magnus Carlsen in the rapid and blitz tie-break.

More top-class chess comes from one of the world’s mightiest chess powerhouses – Russia. GM Evgeny Tomashevsky has recently won his second national championship title and here recounts move by move how he defeated the tournament favorite Vladislav Artemiev, who, incidentally, was profiled in ACM #10 after his victory in the Gibraltar Masters. Evgeny’s article epitomizes his personal approach to chess, which makes it nothing short of a master class delivered by a full-blooded representative of the “Russian chess school”.

As ACM continually reports on the latest tournaments from home and abroad, while keeping a close watch on the performances of the most talented young American players, the U.S. Junior Championship could not be overlooked. The more so that 16-year-old GM Awonder Liang has just won the event for the third consecutive time!

At the other end of the spectrum, the U.S. Senior Championship is covered by veteran grandmaster and three times former U.S. Champion, Joel Benjamin.

Then again, we have not forgotten women in chess and their praiseworthy efforts to promote dedicated events and initiatives. An inspiring local story from California concerns the first all-women norm tournament to be held in the States, surely the highlight of 37-years hard work by the Berkeley Chess School, a home of chess opportunities which has still more ambitious projects in store for the future.

They say that chess is not only a sport but also an art. We couldn’t agree more, especially when we meet an active chess player who is an even more active artist – and a woman! In an interview for ACM, Maria Yugina explains how she expresses chess on canvas, portrayed in her own unique style and passionate perspective on the game.

One of the biggest dilemmas in endgames is when to give preference to the knight and when the bishop? IM Boroljub Zlatanovic provides some answers with his offering of more than a dozen highly instructive examples from tournament play.

And what if you add the queens? Well, Swedish GM Pontus Carlsson draws readers’ attention to a topic hardly covered at all in chess literature – the power and fury unleashed on the chessboard when the queen and knight team up together!

Among our regular contributors, GM Jacob Aagaard challenges readers to solve a fresh selection of puzzle positions in his All-Round Training column, Pete Tamburr