American Chess Magazine #18: Chess is Chic!


*The cover of American Chess Magazine #18 features a supermodel and avid chess player Bo Krsmanovic, who believes that fashion and chess are a perfect match! *

Here at ACM we consider online play to be more of a casual than a serious chess zone – a substitute that will never really be a truly satisfactory replacement for what we all cherish the most: face-to-face over-the-board play. Nevertheless in this issue we couldn’t resist publishing an article by GM John Burke, featuring games between Carlsen and Caruana, played in a “corona format”. This was particularly appropriate since no one knows how soon we will have the opportunity to witness another OTB “clash of titans.”

In mid-August we received some great news from the Association of Chess Journalists of America (CJA). In the final count of votes for 2020, American Chess Magazine won eight category awards and three honorable mentions, which once again included the distinction of being named “Best Overall Magazine”! Inside you can read more about the respective individual achievements, but we would especially like to thank the CJA for recognizing the quality of writing by John Burke, who has authored a series of splendidly crafted reports on topical events over the years. And it was for two such articles that John received the main award as well as an honorable mention in the “Best Junior Chess Print Article” category.

It goes without saying that we greatly appreciate and value the enthusiastic efforts of all our contributors, such as another CJA Awards winner – endgame specialist and experienced grandmaster, Alex Fishbein. Indeed, in the present issue, Alex shows no sign of resting on his laurels and this time introduces our readers to the legacy of “the father of endgame composition” Alexey Troitsky.

For this issue we would also particularly like to draw the attention of our younger readership to an exclusive intervi