1) A29 English opening by Kortchnoi(1993).

2) A33 English opening by Sax(1194).

3) A34 English opening by Beliavsky and Mihalchishin(1994).

4) A57 Volga Gambit by Karpov(1996).

5) A58-59 Volga Gambit by Karpov(1996).

6) A65 Benoni by Gelfand and Kapengut(1996).

7) A70 Benoni by Gelfand and Kapengut(1998).

8) B12 Caro-Kann by Seirawan(1993).

9) B22 Sicilian Defence by Svesnikov(1997).

10) B67-69 Sicilian Defence by Van der Wiel(1996)

11) B66 Sicilian Defence by Anand(1996)

12) B75-76 Sicilian Defence by Tiviakov(1995)

13) B80 Sicilian Defence by Hubner(1994)

14) B86-87 Sicilian Defence by Beliavsky and Mihalchishin(1995)

15) B88 Sicilian Defence by Beliavsky and Mihalchishin(1995)

16) B89 Sicilian Defence by Akopian(1996)

17) E97 King's Indian Defence by Gurevich(1995)

18) D16-19 Slav Defence by Ribli(1996)

Bundle of Chess Informants(18 issues)

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