I found the idea to switch sides. By this, I mean to look at games from White’s perspective and then from Black’s. A rather interesting concept, as things often appear quite different, depending on the viewpoint. If one searches for videos showing a joint analysis of elite players, one may often see them completely disagree on certain positions, both of them claiming he stood, or would have stood, better here or there. And, more than likely, had the colours been swapped, the very same players would also have preferred “their side”; while the engine found the game more or less balanced from beginning to end :). There is a famous anecdote involving an ex-World Champion, who would label the same position as better for one side or the other, depending on whether he was conducting the White or Black pieces. The justification being: he knew what to do (the plans) for both sides! ~ Christian Bauer

Christian Bauer – Candidate Moves

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