Encyclopaedia of Chess Combinations - 6th Edition

Chess Informant 2021, 736 pages hardcover


  • Annihilation of Defence
  • Blockade
  • Clearance
  • Deflection
  • Discovered Attack
  • Pinning
  • Demolition of Pawn structure
  • Decoy
  • Interference
  • Double Attack





Finally, a word of advice!

Beginners and relatively inexperienced players should study and play through all the examples on a chessboard. Also, it is advisable to write down the solutions with all the variations you calculated, and only after the training session to compare those with the Solutions given in the Encyclopaedia. Keep your notes in a notebook especially dedicated for that purpose, so you could monitor and assess your own progress. As you progress you will be able to solve many of the basic and intermediate examples without a chessboard, but still writing down the solutions and variations is of extreme importance. Of course, when you successfully reach higher echelons of chess mastery you will be able to solve large portions of the examples without a chess board, only by looking at the diagrams.

The Encyclopaedia of Chess Combinations is a benchmark work on the art of chess tactics and combinations. It is designed to offer the infinite pleasure for chess enthusiasts, everlasting source of training for most diligent students, and would-be-grandmasters.

Encyclopaedia of Chess Combinations - 6th Edition