Hello guys! My name is Kyrylo Demchenko, I am a chess coach, organizer and blogger. Happy to introduce my chess course about the most important tactics in chess for players with ranking 1000-1500. This course consists of 10 lessons(1 hour each). We will use many chess programs during our sections. You can find the names of each lesson below:


1) Forks and Double Attacks.
2) Pins.
3) Deflection/ Removing the Guard.
4) Discoveries.
5) Double check.
6) Skewers.
7) Trapping pieces.
8) Decoys.
9) Intermediate moves.
10) Pawn Promotion.


We have 10 entries in the group only . First session on 6 of February, 2022 at 6pm EDT. Every lesson would be recorded so every player will have access to video as well. There are a lot of perks for our participants:

1. Lifetime access to video from our lessons.
2. Access to our chesscom and lichess club where we play every week with prizes at the end of month.
3. All early bird participants will participate in a draw, prize - new chess book.
4. 50% discount for my next courses.
5. Special prize for the most active student.
6. Tournament with prizes for winners in the end of course.


EARLY BIRD PRICE(until 31/01/2022) - 189 CAD
REGULAR PRICE(after 01/02/2022) - 249 CAD

Improve your tactic (1000-1500)

C$249,00 Regular Price
C$189,00Sale Price