King’s Indian was and still is one of my favourite openings that I used for many years in my chess career. Many books were written on the subject but I wanted to attempt not to copy what existed, aiming at a more personal angle and presenting some authentic material that is not known or was never popular for the wrong reasons.

Many great players in the past played the King’s Indian and gave it a modern look, to name some: Fischer, Bronstein, Boleslavsky, Gligoric, Kasparov, Nunn are some famous names that popularized this opening. Nowadays Radjabov and Nakamura are known for using it regularly on the top level. The pure understanding of the KI does not come easy.

Nothing is of a forced nature and there are a lot of strategical goals that are needed to fully understand. ‘Dynamics’ in closed positions are an ever returning key aspect, this is essential to understand for anyone who wants to play this opening properly.

Milos Pavlovic – New Weapons in the King’s Indian

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