With ordinary tactics, the purpose of exercises is almost solely to improve your calculation skills. Solving the exercises of this book will help the reader improve on his endgame knowledge and understanding as well. There is a lot to learn from studying each solution, even if you failed to fi nd it yourself; this is why answers here are even more detailed than in Volume One. Nevertheless, the solutions are always concrete.
This book contains 10 chapters. The fi rst, as in Volume 1, is a warm-up. Then we will work on endings from all possible angles: technical wins, tactical wins, drawing moves, and so on. Another very important chapter is “Test your refl exes!”. I believe refl exes are a key element in becoming a good endgame player. The more good refl exes you develop, the more other things become refl exes too!

Romain Edouard "Chess Calculation Training, Vol. II: Endgames"

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