Two special circumstances brought about my writing of this book. Th e fi rst one comes from the year 2006. One day at the Turin Chess Olympiad, where I had been working as a coach for the team from Qatar, a famous grandmaster from the Russian team came up to me. We weren’t closely acquainted, although both of us were born in Moscow and lived there. Up to this moment, our relationship had been mainly limited to some short greetings when occasionally meeting at diff erent tournaments.  “I like your articles about openings,” he said, “and I know you worked with Anatoly Karpov before. If your interest in such kind of work is still burning we could meet on the rest-day and speak about it?” So began my collaboration with Alexander Morozevich — which lasted more than eight years up to the termination of his active professional chess career. Th e second impulse to write this book was…another book. It was written by two outstanding Czech Grandmasters, Vlastimil Hort and Vlastimil Jansa, and published in the USSR in the late 70s. Th is book contained 230 test positions from the authors’ games, as well as their precise and sometimes rather ironic comments. In my childhood, like many other young chess players in the Soviet Union, I worked with this book — and it impressed me enormously. Th e title was ‘Together With Grandmasters’… later also issued in English under the title ‘Th e Best Move’.

"Together with Morozevich" by Alexey Kuzmin

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